Sara said: Dearest E, You are very often in my thoughts and I find you seem to address what’s on my mind without me even having to even ask at all lately!! I’ve noticed so many different thoughts of ‘conscious’ understanding and seeing all of the examples around me in my life. It’s almost like a vast pool of knowledge and we all drink from the same or similar thoughts. 🙂

I’ve decided to do the honorable thing and work with absolute truth in my current situation. I no longer have the fear or worry of my situation or outcome. I know I’ve done the right thing 🙂 That makes me happy.. ♥

You have helped to be a moral compass for me in this last few months. It’s helped me realize why this has come up in my life and why and how it was caused by intense negativity and resistance. This started several months back over a major disagreement at …

Thank you for your unconditional love that helps me grow, and reminds me to love above all else. Thank you for your loving message that keeps me strong when I falter. This is almost magic and it is real and a little scary, thank you for making it feel safe. I’ve shied away so many times in the past… The universe was so clearly reaching out to me, but I was scared. I’m no longer afraid.

Faithfully yours, S.

~ by on March 18, 2012.

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