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Love your ego, hug your body, mind, and emotion survival mechanism from the bottom of your heart so it carries you through the daily challenges the most effective and pro-active way. Our ego and survival requires Love! Life time membership to self-healing class by telephone, Love ‪#‎FirstLoveYourself‬Balancing Ego/Survival with Heart/Soul – Self & Others Healing by HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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Loving ourselves daily as we survive and advance through our journey of life is an amazing way to stay charged up and pro-active living with a smile.Treat every part of your body, every emotion, and every thought with Love.Life time membership to self-healing class by telephone, Love #FirstLoveYourselfBalancing survival & advancement with Heart – Self & Others Healing by Divine HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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Are you ready to heal yourselves with Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion? It is so easy, effective, and powerful when you listen to replay Share if you Care! Love ‪#‎FirstLoveYourself‬

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