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Practical Steps to Energize Water with Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion by HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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Marilyn Kapp Phenomenal Medium & Channeler Answering Your Questions HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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Energy We Inherit – Self & Family Healing by HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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OMG how am I going to manage all these thoughts and emotions that are constantly rushing into my brain?May be I can just Love them, hug them, and squeeze them as they arise so they are well nourished as I give them my most loving attention.When we are hungry we eat.When we are thirsty we drink.When we are cold we wear more clothes When our mind is so busy we open our heart and use Love. Just try and be amazed at loving yourself! Love#FirstLoveYourselfBalancing Intelligence/Advancement with Heart/Soul – Self & Others Healing HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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Benefits to open our spiritual heart – self and others healing by Divine HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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What is Self Healing? by Divine HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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Chakra and Endocrine systems relation – self and others healing by Divine HealingPAQ | Spirituality Podcasts

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